A person who is creative, typically
in a professional context.


Simon is enjoying a new-found creative freedom after moving to New Zealand's lifestyle capital.

Simon counts himself lucky to be a successful freelance designer in the creative capital of New Zealand. Unlike larger design shops, he is able to keep his big city clients happy by quickly adjusting to their individual needs through cost monitoring and clever design technique. Creativity comes naturally to him, plus he is incredibly fast on the Mac; as a result he now has quality time for family, the community and himself.

Simon has recently launched into web site design. Starting in 1995, Simon researched emerging internet technologies, watching and waiting for the perfect environment in which to enter into the field of web design. Over the years he’s turned away dozens of web design projects, believing that web technologies had not yet stabilised or reached a certain level of maturity.  Recent breakthrough innovations, has enabled Simon to perfect a truly amazing web design technique. It is extremely important for freelancers to be passionate about what they do, and Simon has found his new muse.

After two successful decades, Envisage is now looking inward and taking simple pleasures in crafting design solutions for his select cliental. Simon is proud to be a full-time freelancer with a long and successful track record.

Married with 2 boys, he lives at Tintagel House in Nelson, New Zealand.

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