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Freelance web design 2013

01.17.13 Posted in web design by

Happy New Year everybody!

I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a busy one for me, for a number of reasons…

  • I have formed a partnership with a talented writer/programmer to form Internet Stores New Zealand. iSNZ is Texas-based eCommerce software delevoper Bigcommere New Zealand partner of choice. So far we have developed 10 stores in just a few months of opening.
  • Envisage Design is going gang-busters. After rebranding as a fully fledged web, print and brand design studio our list of web-based client projects is growing fast. A testiment to a strong legacy in sound design and practise principles.
  • The Tintagel Guesthouse Cottage is becoming well-know as a luxury, quality and well-located place to stay in an historic part of central Nelson New Zealand. Our short-term accommodation guests are arriving from all over the world; Scotland, Canada, USA and the UK.
  • Together with another couple, my wife and I have developed a patented product and looks set to revolutionise the wine industry worldwide. We’ve formed a new company to manage the process and the product looks set to launch sometime in 2013.

So, not too much time to put the feet up this year it seems!

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