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Marketing collateral

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I have been designing marketing collateral for New Zealand businesses since 1993.

Marketing collateral basically boils down to visual information that a business presents to the public.

Every business has different collateral needs; it is my job as a graphic designer to interpret those needs into something that presents a clear message and looks fantastic.

Examples of needs that companies have include:

  • restaurants that need updated menus
  • newly formed companies that require logo and stationery
  • retailers that require product catalogues and order forms
  • businesses that require advertising layout
  • companies that require information specification sheets
  • brochures, timetables, tickets, presentation folders, the list goes on!

When designing such marketing materials, I’m often working under a company’s marketing manager or for the actual business owner. These are the people who have the most intimate understanding of their product or service, therefore finished copy is often provided to me.

Sometimes I source the photography and other times it is also provided. Clients usually have a standing relationship with a printer or I can recommend a suitable one as required. Generally, New Zealanders’ like to have a ‘hands on’ approach to their business!

A good collection of well designed marketing collateral is vital for any business that is serious about spreading their message.

If you are interested in viewing of more of my work, you can see my professional design portfolio here.

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