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New Life in the Lister Building

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Back in 1998, I purchased a suite of offices in the central Auckland business district. My design business (incorporated 1994) was, by then, well-established in the professional services sector and I wanted a permanent custom studio in order to continue working from.

The suite is located in the Lister Building. This historic building is located on the corner of Lorne and Victoria Street east, directly opposite Auckland’s fashion mile; High Street. The intersection (only 5m from the main entrance) is said to be the busiest for pedestrian numbers in New Zealand.

I designed in the suite for over ten years while subleasing the spare rooms to clients and associates. For anyone who is serious about making a long-term commitment to freelancing, I can highly recommend this investment strategy.

The Lister Building has now been mostly converted to trendy residential apartments. A few business still operate in there.

With the move to NZ’s creative capital Nelson, my investment holding company has temporarily leased the entire space to the The Diana Malin Art Gallery.

See the Lister Building mentioned recently in the NBR’s Private Bin column.

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