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A helping hand with wine allergies

05.06.13 Posted in Branding, envisage design, nelson cbd by

Did you know that a growing number of people are becoming allergic to the added preservatives in food?

I am lucky not to suffer from any allergies (that I know of), but friends of mine are not so fortunate. One lady in particular has started suffering an itchy nose and skin rashes when drinking white or red wine. She loves a wee tipple so was most upset to find out that she had a sulphite intolerance.

Luckily her husband is a resourceful sort of fellow and began researching ways to alleviate  her symptoms. This is where UBfree comes to play. Together we formed a New Zealand research and development company and began looking into ways of removing the nasty added sulphites in wine.

ubfreeUBfree have employed some of the most experienced minds in food technology science to develop a patented (pending) natural and totally organic formula that effectively neutralises 100% of the free sulphites in all wines.

Nelson-based graphic design studio Envisage Design have branded the UBfree product range with a trademarked logo, global eCommerce website and attractive retail packaging. The finished result is timeless and robust with a seriously modern twist.

Check out and spread the word about this innovative new solution to help wine drinkers who are sulphite intolerant.



Freelance web design 2013

01.17.13 Posted in web design by

Happy New Year everybody!

I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a busy one for me, for a number of reasons…

  • I have formed a partnership with a talented writer/programmer to form Internet Stores New Zealand. iSNZ is Texas-based eCommerce software delevoper Bigcommere New Zealand partner of choice. So far we have developed 10 stores in just a few months of opening.
  • Envisage Design is going gang-busters. After rebranding as a fully fledged web, print and brand design studio our list of web-based client projects is growing fast. A testiment to a strong legacy in sound design and practise principles.
  • The Tintagel Guesthouse Cottage is becoming well-know as a luxury, quality and well-located place to stay in an historic part of central Nelson New Zealand. Our short-term accommodation guests are arriving from all over the world; Scotland, Canada, USA and the UK.
  • Together with another couple, my wife and I have developed a patented product and looks set to revolutionise the wine industry worldwide. We’ve formed a new company to manage the process and the product looks set to launch sometime in 2013.

So, not too much time to put the feet up this year it seems!


Laughing Cloud Records discovered!

12.07.11 Posted in simon owen by

The Merkins’ WANGO BANGO reviewed by Grant Smithies, Sunday Star Times 27 Nov 2011 under “CD OF THE WEEK” (four stars).

“Feisty mongrel has rough charm” said Sunday Star Times music reviewer Grant Smithies last week. In case you are worried, talented scribe Grant isn’t now writing ads for the SPCA, he’s reviewing a new album released by Nelson’s underground music label Laughing Cloud Records.

LCR are a charming mystery as I discovered while designing their website, blog and various channels.


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