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Tourism and events

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I have been designing for event managers and tourism wholesalers since 1993.

Photography and graphics play a very important part when designing for event and tourism promotion. Colour, mood and message can help make a promising event super-successful.

Often a ‘chocolate-box’ solution is required. This is a design that uses a strong colour scheme supported by clever graphic elements. Put these two ingredients together successfully, and (bang!) you have the makings of a great campaign.

This design approach often has a ‘use by’ date. That is, they serve a purpose for a particular job at a certain time in the market. With this in mind, it is important to keep up to date with current visual trends. Take the good, forget the bad, but always strive to make the next job better (looking) than before!

If you are interested in viewing of more of my work, you can see my professional design portfolio here.

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