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Hear ye hear ye... what follows is a fine collection of my personal posts created on our move from Auckland to Nelson during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2018. Some gems in here! Get reading ...

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Public praise

By Simon Owen / November 11, 2008

Nelson is a great place for the creative mind. It is no surprise that many famous New Zealand artists have been drawn to and inspired by it’s natural beauty.The Nelson Tasman Regional Arts Strategy is underway and proving to be an exciting initiative for the area. Part of this Strategy is communicating the arts to…

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Thin Blue Line

By Simon Owen / November 11, 2008

The New Zealand Police Force are using my creative services at the moment. A scientific congress on illicit drugs is being held in Wellington later this month, and I have just finished producing all of the artwork for it.The design work for this international event included marketing pieces, website graphics, handbooks, reports and signage.I have…

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Freelance Freedom – Nov 08

By Simon Owen / November 13, 2008
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Words of Wisdom

By Simon Owen / November 15, 2008

I came across these words in an old diary of mine today.In an industry that forever looking for the next best thing, it is always a comfort to ponder past words of wisdom that still stand true. “If something is sensible, good and of benefit, money will always be found. I believe it is important…

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my flickr mosaic

By Simon Owen / December 2, 2008

Using my new flickr Pro account, I created the mosaic above. Each tiny picture in this overall image is an individual piece from my very own portfolio. Neat eh!Spot the new flickr ‘badge’ on the left. This is a live stream of my work currently on the flickr website. See my official studio site for…

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the studio

By Simon Owen / December 5, 2008

A number of people have been asking me about my new office lately. Let’s just say that it is a little different to working on Auckland’s Queen Street!While I still work in an historic building, the location could not be further afield. This turn of the century Edwardian Villa is set on a sunny hill…

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The year that was

By Simon Owen / January 6, 2009

2008 was another busy year with lots of change. A much needed rest was needed in a rural setting of the deep south. As a corporate B2B (business to business) designer I was acutely aware of the credit implosion and subsequent fallout. However, one of the greatest things about being a freelancer is the ability to be super nimble, upskill…

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Back to school

By Simon Owen / February 2, 2009

Yes, I went back to school today. Japanese Calligraphy School!  Nelson City is very fortunate to have the only traditional Japanese calligraphy school and art gallery in New Zealand. My sincere thanks to Master Calligrapher Akiko Crowther for an amazing lesson. I love so much about Japan, especially the people, cuisine and culture. After training…

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I hereby propose

By Simon Owen / February 13, 2009

There is a fair bit of re-branding happening out there at the moment. Things are quieter, and business taking the opportunity and sharpen it’s image and fine-tune it’s message. My design studio has been involved in a number of pitches recently, and the positive feeback to our proposals has been extremely positive. You are invited to an…

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Disconnect to Reconnect

By Simon Owen / April 21, 2009

Reconnect : reestablish a bond of communication or emotion. “Sometimes you have to truely get away from it all to realise what is it you really have” My family recently had a wonderful experience deep in the Marlbouroh Sounds. Far, far away from roads, power lines and cellphone towers sits an isolated hunters cabin in the native bush. Nine of…

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