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Marketing collateral

By Simon Owen / March 1, 2010

I have been designing marketing collateral for New Zealand businesses since 1993.
All businesses need to connect with people and job as a designer is to convey brand values and present messages in an understandable manner.

Pictured left: ‘Pride and Passion’, a 24 page marketing document celebrating Aecom’s proud history in New Zealand. Aecom is one of America’s largest companies with over 45,000 employees located in 100 countries.

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Tourism and events

By Simon Owen / March 1, 2010

Exciting design solicits an excited response. Event and tourism promotion requires both.
I use bright and colourful designs to sell the ‘feel good’ factor. I love creating graphics for events and destinations!

Pictured left: Various conference pack design themes for government departments and academic societies.

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Corporate publishing

By Simon Owen / March 1, 2010

One of my creative specialties is designing books and magazines for professional service industries. Working with publishers, editors and marketing departments my creative designs often have a clean, up market, classy look. I say that you should most definitely judge a book by its cover!
Pictured left: 2010 edition law and legislation book titles for CCH New Zealand.

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New toys in the studio

By Simon Owen / March 22, 2010

Xmas has arrived super early here in the Envisage Design studio. Specifically in the shape of a sparky brand new 27-inch iMac. I’m crunching some pretty big data these days, and often multi-tasking between a number applications. My 5 year old intel iMac has been feeling the strain, and if there is one thing I…

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Sneek-peek at the new-look Envisage

By Simon Owen / March 25, 2010

Exciting things are brewing in the studio here in Nelson. My design studio (Envisage) has a self-rebranding project underway. This has been a major task and one that is long overdue. This is a major project and encompasses everything about the Envisage service offering; what it is exactly, and how it is percieved. It’s been a…

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Envisage launches new website

By Simon Owen / April 15, 2010

The new-look Envisage website went live yesterday (15/04/2010). Envisage Design is the name in which I trade my graphic design services under. The new site was built entirely by me using an easy online design technique. Looking under the hood, the code is clean as a whistle and extremely search engine friendly. Most importantly, the…

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Creating a music video in 2 hours

By Simon Owen / May 14, 2010

Last week saw me bunkered down in a back room of the Hyatt in Auckland frantically designing a video clip for the NBR Best Dressed at the 2010 CAANZ Media Awards. This clip was put together ‘on the night’ with the help of talented fashion photography Kirsty Harkness at Tiger Tiger. I had 3 Apple…

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Bizarre websites

By Simon Owen / May 31, 2010

I’m digging new stuff at the moment. Not lingering in the same spot for too long if you know what I mean, it’s all part of getting the creative juices flowing. Below you’ll find a collection of amusing websites that, by combining unconventional (and sometimes bizarre) ideas and clever JavaScript and Flash effects, will entice…

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Inspiration from Asian pop art

By Simon Owen / June 28, 2010

I am a huge fan of urban Asian pop culture, and if there is one thing I miss about living in the city this is it. The illustrative style, cuitsy-pie graphics and bold design technique never fail to inspire me. Of course the wide variety of merchandise available is a bonus! My current fave is tokidoki…

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GelaSkins pimp my tech

By Simon Owen / July 29, 2010

GelaSkins NZ store now open at DOWNLOAD THE GELASKINS NZ 2010/2011 PRICELIST Like a lot of people these days, I love gadgets. I also love design and originality. This is where GelaSkins manifest themselves as my new-found love affair. GelaSkins are removable vinyl skins for protecting and customizing portable devices. They feature stunning photo-quality graphics…

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